The Studio

A Room of our own

The year is 2008. Two young design students – Hadas Peled and Noa Even-Paz, board the same bus to their very first day at Shenkar College. With a confused look and a large folder, they proceed to the same class, complete the entire degree together, and have never actually separated since. A cosmic partnership of the best friends. The studio is our second home. an island of meaningful relationships and true connections in a reality of uncertainty and constant change.

Two Plus

Remarkable women have joined us along the way, gifted designers who merge their enriched inner worlds into a common source of inspiration.
Reut Cohen, Dana Hanin, Adi Weintraub, Naama Peles, Romi Alfasi, Aster Uzeri and the many fairies who sprinkled their talent into our projects as freelancers.

Together we're nurturing bright ideas and cultivating a place of beauty in the world.

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