GAGA online

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Gaga, Ohad Naharin’s movement language, was created as a means of investigation, expression, and healing when he was injured. For him and others, it became a gateway for self-discovery and connection with the environment, emphasizing the need to be present and letting go. In 2021, with the pandemic at its peak, Gaga virtually began spreading all over the world. We were asked to develop a visual language for Gaga in the digital space. With the recordings of Zoom classes as raw material, we delved into the concepts of the language: gravity, effort, pleasure, and playfulness. We put movement into letters and created a groovy visuals that invites people to join the movement of Gaga Online.


Stills and video photography: Ascaf, Roni Azgad, Batsheva Dance Company | Motion: Michal Ronen


Art Directing, Branding, Marketing, Social